Our solution to your winter!


Contracts are sent out by Email, If we dont have your email address its sent out by mail or hand delivered. In any case if you do not recieve your contract, check your spam folder or, please contact us on our Contact page


One of our solutions to strive towards client satisfaction, is that we encourage drivers to keep the same route year after year, and over the years drivers have gotten to know their clients preferences and adjust the service for them willingly.

This takes patience. It doesn’t happen in the first snow storm or maybe even the first 5. When hiring a new company please have the patience for the company to acknowledge your concerns and translate them to your driver that will eventually create that connection. This takes time.

We as well send out email updates on our plan of attack for each snow fall, however from past experiences with weather changing at the last minute, we try to give you a general plan which may be adjusted. The main reason for these alerts though, is just to inform our clients that we will be working for them and not have to question if we will be coming by or not.

You will not see pricing for our snow removal service here on our site, however past clients will be able to log in and with entering their client ID would have access to their contract online (in developement), either to print out or have it emailed to them. We try to be as paperless as can be, as should every company. New clients only need to send us an email through the contact page and we will be happy to respond with a quote.

Talking on a personal note, it took me years to understand that “you cant satisfy everyone all the time” What is important to me is that I try, and if a client isn’t happy I encourage them to find someone who will. Its really not about the Money, whether it be yours or mine. Its about reducing stress in all our lives in a stressful season.

Thank you

Grei Tristram